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Spanish Guitar Duo
The Spanish Guitar Duo features Diego Alonso (guitar) and Carlo Basile (guitar) as well as other members of the renown ensemble, Las Guitarras de Espaņa. Along with Diego and Carlo, Bob Garrett (percussion) and Chihsuan Yang (violin and Chinese Erhu) form the core group. The ensemble features original, instrumental Spanish guitar based material as well as some traditional flamenco, classical and fusion pieces sometimes incorporating vocals and dance. The ensemble will be joined by flamenco dancer, Marisela Tapia. She will perform traditional flamenco and Spanish classical pieces such as "Farruca" and "Asturias" by Issac Albeniz. Visit to learn more. Admission is free.
Date & Time Jan 31, 2014
7:00 PM- 8:00 PM
Location Information Venue: The Theatre in Meiley-Swallow
General Location:
Rooms Reserved:
Meiley-Swallow Hall : Thrust Theatre
Ticket Information Price: free
Contact Information Contact:Jelena Sanchez