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Events for April, 5
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spring faculty directed 1 tech
8:00 AM-11:00 PM
MUS 208-1, Aural Skills III
8:00 AM- 8:50 AM
Academic Advising
8:00 AM-10:00 AM
MUS 324-1, String Techniques
9:00 AM- 9:50 AM
MUS 229-1, Diction for Singers II
9:00 AM- 9:50 AM
MUS 110-1, Cardinal Chorus
10:00 AM-11:10 AM
MUS 306-1, Jazz History II
10:00 AM-11:50 AM
MUS 342-1, Arranging and Orchestration
10:00 AM-11:50 AM
THE 252-1, Ballet
10:00 AM-11:50 AM
March 9- April 8
The Leroy Neiman Golf Series is a part of North Central College's Art Collection and was donated by David and Donna Tierney.
Known for his colored and detailed images of sporting events, LeRoy Neiman was probably the most popular artist in the U.S. before he died in June 2012. Many of Neiman's paintings are about sports ranging from basketball, boxing, billiards,...
10:00 AM- 9:00 PM
Spring Group Advising
10:00 AM- 1:30 PM
Academic Advising
12:00 PM- 1:30 PM
Current RHA executive board members will be providing information about the executive board positions available for the upcoming election.
12:00 PM- 2:00 PM
We are raising money and accepting donations for Mutual Ground, Inc., an organization that helps sexually and domestically abused women and their children get out of dangerous situations and provide counseling and a place to stay free of charge.
12:00 PM- 2:00 PM
D-Term 2018 Faculty Meeting: Health Forms and Wire Transfers
12:15 PM- 1:15 PM
An opportunity for students to get professional headshot photos taken for Handshake and LinkedIn profiles!
12:30 PM- 2:00 PM
MUS 114-1, Concert Winds
2:00 PM- 3:50 PM
THE 240-1, Voice for the Actor
2:00 PM- 3:50 PM
THE-270-1, Directing
2:00 PM- 3:50 PM
Academic Advising
2:30 PM- 4:30 PM
MUS-245-1, Vocal Jazz Ensemble
4:00 PM- 5:30 PM
THE 254-1, Choreography
4:00 PM- 5:50 PM
EDN 351-1, Elementary Music Education
4:00 PM- 5:50 PM
CDC Practice
5:00 PM-10:00 PM
CDC Practice
5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
Production meeting for Almost Living
5:15 PM- 6:00 PM
First hour for First-year students adn second hour for Sophomore and Jr.'s. Dove bars served.
7:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Neuqua Valley High School, Band Performance
7:30 PM- 9:30 PM
Rugby Club's regular meeting/practice
8:15 PM-10:00 PM