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Events for March, 2
Sweeney Todd, whose real name is Benjamin Barker, uses his new alias to resume work in his barber shop above Mrs. Lovett's struggling pie shop after being wrongfully sentenced to life imprisonment by the corrupt Judge Turpin. After swearing vengeance against the judge that tore his family apart, Todd and Lovett plot a unique plan that helps them both and leads them down a dangerous, thrilling...
7:30 PM-10:00 PM
History, Mark Twain once said, doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. That rhyme is on full display in this one-act historical drama written by author-playwright Zachary Michael Jack to commemorate the Illinois Bicentennial. A woman-only train leaves Chicago crowded with activists destined for a women's march on the National Mall, with the goal of reminding the new president of the urgent...
7:30 PM- 9:00 PM