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Faculty Recital - Dr. Phillip Serna, viola da gamba
Somewhere in Time: Telemann’s ‘Lost’ 12 Fantasias for Solo Viol, 1735 Located in 2014 by Thomas Fritzsch, a copy of Telemann’s self-published 1735 fantasias for viola da gamba survived near Hanover at Ledenburg Palace in the collection of Eleonore von Münster (née von Grothaus, 1734-1794). Dedicated to musical subscriber Mr. Pierre Chaunell (1703-1789) and published in a period when the viol was already out of fashion in Europe, Telemann’s unique fantasias encompass a plethora of forms - both old and new, inspired by the Polish and Moravian music of his early career, filled with techniques spanning fugal writing to elements of the rondo and concerto, straddling the High Baroque and the galant. For Early Music America’s Early Music Month 2017, join New Comma Baroque’s Phillip Serna as we explore Telemann’s self-published 1735 fantasias, the last great collection of virtuoso unaccompanied music for viola da gamba - missing since the 18th century! To find out more about Dr. Phillip Serna, please visit; to learn more about the viola da gamba and its amazing literature, please visit; to learn more about, visit; and to learn more about Early Music America’s #EarlyMusicMonth2017, please visit
Date & Time Mar 14, 2017
7:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Location Information Venue: Koten Chapel
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