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Lecture: The Tomb of Edward the Black Prince
North Central College's Office of Academic Affairs is hosting a lecture by Dr. David Green, senior lecturer in British Studies and Medieval History at Harlaxton College of the University of Evansville, one of our NAC&U member institutions. The campus community is invited to hear his free lecture, titled "The Tomb of Edward the Black Prince: Contexts and Incongruities," at noon Tuesday, May 2, in Ratio Hall at the new Science Center, 131 S. Loomis St. The tomb of Edward the Black Prince (1330-1376) stands resplendent in the Trinity Chapel of Canterbury Cathedral. The copper-gilt effigy glorifies Edward in death by reflecting the military and chivalric reputation he garnered in life. Dr. Green's lecture will explore the apparent incongruities between the location of the tomb, the character of the epitaph, and the materials chosen for the effigy by considering their wider socio-political and religious contexts as well as the prince's piety and personal circumstances. Dr. Green is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. His books include "Edward the Black Prince: Power in Medieval Europe" (Longman, 2007) and "The Hundred Years War: A People's History" (Yale University Press, 2014).
Date & Time May 2, 2017
12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
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