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Q Commons Event
For the past 11 years, Q has been interested in asking the question of what it looks like to be faithful in our communities by working together in order to restore and redeem the culture around us. Q focuses on seven channels of cultural influence: arts and entertainment, business, church, education, government, media, and the social sector. Q is committed to equipping those in every channel of culture by providing the opportunity and resources to "Stay Curious, Think Well and Advance Good."

Q Commons brings together Christians across cultural channels, denominations, churches and different parts of the city to tackle issues together, leading to a more collaborative approach.

Q Commons can create a platform for greater city engagement. A room full of Christians who want to see their city flourish is an asset most civic leaders would want to engage with.

Q Commons helps Christians working in any field of culture see greater purpose and hope in and through their vocation.

7:00 pm | Opening Remarks
7:10 pm | Join Global Broadcast & Welcome
7:12 pm | Global Q Talk (18 minutes)
7:30 pm | Local Talk (9 minutes)
7:45 pm | Local Talk (9 minutes)
8:05 pm | Response Conversation
8:20 pm | Global Q Talk (9 minutes)
8:30 pm | Global Q Talk (9 minutes)
8:40 pm | Local Talk (9 minutes)
8:50 pm | Response Conversation
9:00 pm | Final Thoughts & Conclusion
Date & Time Oct 26, 2017
7:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Location Information Venue: The Theatre in Meiley-Swallow
General Location:
Rooms Reserved:
Meiley-Swallow Hall : Thrust Theatre
Meiley-Swallow Hall : Gallery
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Contact Information Contact:Brian Rainville
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