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ConVerge Spotlight Speaker Series: Kris Boros
Kris Boros is a guru in new product development and startups. He has commercialized more than 25 products related to hardware and SasS Solutions. As head of Product & Business Operations for Unified Communications and Collaborations, Kris has many stories to share on digital, eCommerce and business operation platforms throughout North America. Learn how Kris’ ambition has helped bootstrap startups. He is a North Central College Alumnus with advanced degrees from the McCormick School of Engineering from Kellogg and holds an MBA in Finance. Kris Boros’ high energy is contagious! He will provide mentoring and share more about his recent startup in ad-tech development. No charge for this event but we do ask that you register.
Date & Time Oct 30, 2017
5:30 PM- 7:00 PM
Location Information General Location: 329 S. Brainard St
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Rall House : 10
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Contact Information Contact:Bea Rodriguez