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Focus w/ special guest Scott Erickson
Say Yes: A Liturgy of Not Giving Up on Yourself a multimedia storytelling experience that deals with the painful death of a dream. When your dreams die, the voice of Giving Up speaks very poignantly about what your next options should be. But I discovered a hidden deeper path emerges. One that leads to an unexpected conversation with desire, vocation, and existence itself.
"Liturgy"simply means the "work of the people" ... and our conversations about existence, giving up, suicide, disappointment, desires, vocation, hopes, dreams are communal conversation that we should corporately construct before existence itself. And they should involve comedy, singing, and art making. This is what we'll do together.
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Date & Time Apr 24, 2019
8:30 PM-10:00 PM
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Meiley-Swallow Hall : Thrust Theatre
Meiley-Swallow Hall : 108 GreenScreen Room and Soundbooth (Pending room approval)
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