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12:5 Spring Semester: online via Zoom and in-person (with COVID safety protocols) Community is one of the great gifts of God’s love embodied in Christianity. Jesus continually reminds his followers to be in connection to Him and to one another. Paul continued that theme in our Romans 12:5 theme verse. That holy desire for connection motivates our regular 12:5 worship gatherings at North Central College. Lately, connecting as a community has been a beautiful challenge. But the drive to see one another, to pray and worship together, and to be inspired as a group of believers remains strong. We want to offer a special opportunity in these extraordinary times to stay connected throughout this Spring Semester On every other Tuesday, beginning February 2, you can join us for a brief time of prayer, reflection, and music. Just like our regular pattern, there will be music and a brief meditation from a speaker that is part of the North Central College family. We’ll begin each service at 12:05 pm (CDT), and keep it to our familiar 20-minute length. We will send regular updates about our safety protocols in light of COVID-19, so please be on the lookout for those before each service. Follow this link for the 12:5 worship services throughout the Spring Semester:
Date & Time Feb 2, 2021
Additional Dates: 02/16/2021, 03/02/2021, 03/16/2021, 03/30/2021, 04/13/2021, 04/27/2021
12:05 PM-12:25 PM
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Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel : 02/16/2021
Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel : 03/02/2021
Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel : 03/16/2021
Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel : 03/30/2021
Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel : 04/13/2021
Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel : 04/27/2021
Kiekhofer Hall : Koten Chapel :
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